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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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you think it is cold tonight, just wait. it will get colder and wet. next ,,,,,,
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and could a chill in the air mean snow on bay area hills? now at 11:00. be ready to bundle up at the start of 2017. and could a chill in the air mean snow on bay area hill? good evening. we look live outside cloudy increasing. the temperatures are falling and it is possible will that a whiff of rain will lead to rain on bay area peaks on tuesday. we head south into the bay area the first aoebg -- echoes of light rain. the shadows could mix into a cloudy forecast tomorrow. take a look at mount hamilton. there is a potential at 28 degrees right now,a few flakes
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could be falling. they are falling in the point ans. winter storm warnings are posted for the northern mount -- mountains, winter storm warnings are posted for the northern mountains. >> everything is cold to me. it is one of those nights where you want to be by the fire or heater. if you are cold now, bundle up. temperatures are only going to drop in the next few days. >> i have a heater. that will be on all night. >> reporter: the perfect day to spend a freezing night in the bay area, how about walnut creek on ice. >> the cold weather does not bother you at all? >> only when they do the zamboni. >> reporter: the new year started off cold. the bay area temperatures dropped 10 degrees this weekend. inland areas dropped to the 30s. >> how cold do you feel? >> i feel like it is really cold like five degrees. i know it is probably 30.
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>> reporter: it is only going to get colder. forecasters predict something bay area neighborhoods will drop down into the 20. possibility of snow flurries in the east bay hills and mountain passes between santa cruz and santa bay. >> we are doing this for the kids. i am freezing and they are having a good time and they are not wearing jackets. i am all bundled up. >> one man i spoke with earlier at the ice skating rink was wearing his daughter's blanket around his neck and his son's spider-man hat. i asked him why? he said it is everything that was in his car. reporting live in walnut creek, back to you. in the warmer studio. >> i guess whatever it takes to stay warm. thank you. a week of cold wet weather ahead. shelters in the south bay are busy adding more beds tonight. the armory shelter is bringing in another 50. and another is boosting the total capacity to 350. >> other news, 49ers went ahead
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and fired the general manager and head coach after a season that can be best described as disastrous. we go to the headquarters in santa clara, the big boss, will look to the future and we will hear from imhad tomorrow morning i guess? >> reporter: yes, -- hear from him tomorrow morning i guess? >> reporter: yes, we will hear from him tomorrow. others heard from him tonight. the coach got the word that he is getting fired two hours after the game. >> chip kelly was a 49er's coach for just this one season. his record, 2-14. tied with the worst in franchise history. at a news conference after the game just before the meeting with the owner a reporter asked him if he will lobby to keep his job. >> no, i don't think i am going to the people's court. i think yes. if he has the conversation i will have the conversation with him. >> the general manager built the team and went to the super
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bowl in 2012 and reresponsibilityible for getting rid of the winning coach, jim harbaugh. the team spent the past few years melting down. in a statement they said quote despite my feelings, i felt the decision to change our football leadership was necessary. the performance of this team, not the living up to my expectation or those of our fans and that is disappointing. >> they are not doing great. win, lose, draw, they are our boys. >> diehard fans are determined to stand by our team. >> some believe tonight's shake up is not enough. >> i think he is a great coach. not like anything in this season remotely kelly's fault. i think the problem is with york. >> what should happen if he is the problem is? >> step down or fired. >> owners don't fire themselves. >> exactly. i don't know. it is upsetting as a fan.
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something needs to happen. >> reporter: trent releasedda a statement tonight. it was gracious. he thanked the 49ers organization for the support -- trent releasedda a statement tonight. release -- released a statement. it was gracious. he thanked the 49erss organization for their support. >> hard to fall off of the floor, thank you, joe. as for the raiders they will go to the playoffs even though they lost to the broncos today. they lost another quarterback when that play happened. a brutal sack for second string quarterback to leave the game with a shoulder injury. that meant that conner cook had to step in. >> who could of seen this coming? costly penalty, 13 of them, on the defensive secondary. 3 turnovers.
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the raiders, lost their starting quarterback, they lost the afc west, they lost a lot of confidence in a 24-6 loss like today. >> i am not looking for alibis. we can take it and move it. >> mike tyson always said everyone has a plan until you get punched in the mouth is that what happened today? >> yes. definitely we got punched in the mouth. point, blank, period. >> denver did a great job stopping the run. stopping us throwing the ball. they did a tremendous job, you know. so guys that are banged up including myself will get treatment and get us healthy as we can and get ready to go for next weekend. >> the raiders down to the 5th. now, are getting it done on the road. figure out something before they play the houston texans next week. in denver, vern glen, kpix5. nasty crash on highway 101 in san jose. look at what we found next to
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it. a beer can. the driver lost control at 1:00. the car hit a wall, slipped and burst into flames. a good samaritan in another car and saw the whole thing helped rescue that driver. >> the seat belt was locked. for some reason it was locked and could not get it off with the hand. so, a off duty deputy came by and he had a knife. >> the driver was not badly injured. chp did a test. it looks like he is stumbling for a jail for alleged drunk driving. at the same time, the chp was chasing a man who went off of a interstate. 980 exit ramp and rolled into a homeless encampment. two people in tents were hurt. that driver was arrested. the police in santa cruz want you to take a good look.
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a man with a double bag on his back riding away with a bike. he just broke into a jeep and stolen the bag it that contained 4 loaded handguns and extra ammunition. the police in antioch are trying to track down the gunman behind the deadly new year's eve shooting. the 56-year-old man was killed during a celebration last night at an apartment complex on sycamore drive. a 20-year-old man was hit but will survive. san francisco police are investigating two homicides. at 2:00, a man was shot in the mission and just before noon another man was shot dead in bayview. so far no arrests in either case. a manhunt in turkey for a gunman, wearing a santa hat, who opened fire at a nightclub killing at least 36 people. killing a police officer and another person outside of the club. then went inside where about 600 people were is celebrating the new year and started firing
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at random. >> people came in -- i don't know, i saw a bunch of people in there. hiding man. hiding. >> most of the people killed were not turkish they were from other countries. 70 wounded including an american man from pennsylvania who was shot in the leg. no group claimed responsibility. the state department says all of the russian diplomats, ordered expelled, have left the united states. the diplomats stayed on the east coast along with their families took the flight out. the four russians in san francisco and their families drove to l.a. where they flew to moscow. they gave them until noon today to get out of the country. punishment for russia's cyberattackses. meantime, president-elect back at trump tower in new york city after spending the holidays at his resort in florida. trump says he will release new
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information as early as tuesday on the russian hacking scandal. crews are getting ready for the big white house moving day on january 20th. at 10:30 a.m. on inauguration day president barack obama will say good-bye to 1600 pennsylvania avenue where he will meet with trump. right after they will walk out of the door and 100 staffers swing into action. outgoing moving truck facing south and incoming facing north. >> they literally move all of your stuff out if one day. you are living there and then suddenly -- [ laughter ] >> it is nota a lot on the front lawn i mean they pack it upon. [ laughter ] >> over the course of six hours movers carry furniture in and out and they rearrange the dining room and in the oval office they will put new paintings on the walls and clean the desk and carpet and install new technology. a hollywood high. >> the hollywood sign vandalized again. how they did the deed of weed. benefits your brain and
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body. why bay area scientists say just add water. and tomorrow, bay area teenager will be in the national spotlight touring the rose parada all because he saved his dad's life. -- parade all because he saved his dad's life ,,,,,,,,,,
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the base rate goes up in san jose, richmond and oakland starting today. anywhere from 10-50 an houro new year means more money for minimum wage earnings. it goes up in rich land and oakland anywhere from 10:15 an hour to 12:tweugs. it applies to full time, part
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time and temporary workers. minimum wage is going upstate wide. minimum wage in san francisco and berkeley will go up later this year. well, finishing touches are put on the floats for tomorrow's turnment of roses parade. a look at them as they were moved from the warehouse to the parade starting line today. expecting 700,000 people tomorrow. two people from the north bay will be on a float on the american heart association and union bank float. that float is called "keep the beat alive "to honor young heros and the people they save. they got ready for the parade today. they were selected to ride on the float because when his father went into cardiac arrest lewis performed cpr on him and saved his life. >> my heart had stopped.
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i had a full cardiac arrest. >> i was in 7th grade there was a class. >> after that class the pair became a spokes people for cpr awareness and lobby for a new law that requires high schools to teach cpr in health classes starting in the 2018 academic year. a prankster's way of saying happy new year in los angeles changing the hollywood sign to say "hollyweed" making the o's look like e's. marijuana is legalized in california. not the first time, new year's day 1976 an art student did the same thing at the time. california relaxed marijuana laws. today, some of the people that saw it, were not pleased. >> well, it is not funny. it is promoting drugs. [ laughter ] and we are vetoing drugs in the family. >> the person reresponsibilityible for the 2017 project is facing a
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misdemeanor charge if -- responsible for the 2017 project is facing misdemeanor charges. many people are getting their resolutions ready. water fasting and how it can benefit your body and your brain. >> reporter: in 1994 christina was violently hit in the head by accident. >> when i regained consciousness i had a terrible headache. >> reporter: a headache that would not go away. it tore a membrane covering her brain and spinal cord. she consulted many doctors but to no e -- no avail. >> we, unfortunately, have no cure for you. >> reporter: she turned to water. she went on a water fast. day 19 i woke up and i thought something is wrong. what was wrong -- >> was that i had not had this
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feeling for 16 years and the feeling was -- [crying] i was not in pain. >> reporter: after two water- only fasts, christina headaches went away. >> i have not had a headache for six years. >> it took place at the true north center. a in-patient facility. the largest in the world specializing in medically supervised water-only fasting here they only use disstilled water. >> reporter: this doctor is the director of the center. he believes fasting rebooted her system which was in a state of chronic inflammation. >> it is like taking a computer that has corruption on it and rebooting the hard drive. >> reporter: many of the patients also suffer from chronic inflammation but it is caused or worsened by overconsuming calories. >> by deet beaties, other forms
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of cancer -- by dibeaties and other forms of cancer. >> the dietary intake in the u.s. is out of control. >> reporter: research on aging he is as average american his size eats a whopping 3800 caloriesa calories -- calories a day. andure on bodies can not hand tele. >> eating too many calories all of the time we are -- and and our bodies can not handle it. >> eating too many caloriesa all of the -- calories all of the time we need to change it. recharging it. >> cutting back on calories or fasting may help. some believe not eating after 8:00 at night or cutting down to 200 calories a day twice a week may do the trick.
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fasting is anti-inflammatory with potential to prevent disease even delay aging. >> water-only fasts are not for everyone. it is intense and can be dangerous without medical super vision. christina has no regrets. she now eats what the center recommends. a plant-based diet. as for her headache, they are long gone, back to you. >> we have this story on our home page in case you want to share it with someone who might find it interesting or helpful. bad news is i love cheetos, too. yes. a lot to cover in the weather department. weather is going to take a turn for the, l next weekend it looks like we are going to get real rain to talk about. a mix of rain and snow in the
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north coast. scattered light showers around the bay area right now. this is the pattern through the evening. up top, some of the rain is translating into possibly snowflakes when you consider a bit of moisture and the temperature up there is 28 degrees. winter weather advisories and warnings and watches posted throughout the state right now. for low snow levels, 5-20 inches and travel delays as well. overnight lows tonight, actually, relatively mild compared to what we saw 4 or 5 days ago. nobody tonight it is below freezing. sun up in the morning, now, i see a sheen on the golden gate bridge. right now, falling to not much more than drizzle. 46 in concord, santa rosa, 37 degrees. going south, taking up the moisture out in the pacific. a few showers around the bay area over the next 36 hours. future cast bears it out. light, isolated showers, all of the way through monday.
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all of the way through monday night. does not change much, not a lot of sun. not a lot of rain, either. the most we get is a few/10th of an inch. tell pick up on tuesday and wednesday. we will get more tuesday, wednesday, and then get it tomorrow. chilly start, no doubt about it. chilly , it is chilly. the real rainmakers are saturday and sunday. that is when it looks like things fundamentally change for the flow off of the pacific. in the meantime, starting off chilly. then we will get moderate temperatures on tuesday and wednesday. still, tomorrow, this is where we should be. lower 50s for the south bay. same for the east bay. we will have mostly cloudy day. a few sprinkles from time to time. north bay, a little more in both of those departments and definitely chilly. clear lake, extended forecast. calling for a chance tomorrow.
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tuesday, wednesday, more. and then thursday and friday, a break before real rain heads in by the weekend. can not wait to see if we get the snow. >> it must be exciting. thank you. a new year and a new baby. we will introduce you to the first bay area infant born in 2017. plus, mariah carey bringing in the new year with a performance losinga another quarterback to injury. highs and low -- losing another quarterback to injury. highs and lows on "game day" ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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disasterous all on its own.. a lot of people say 2016 was a disaster. >> for some, 2016 simply ended disastrously like during the fireworks display in seattle. the space needle caught fire. you can see the flames. no word how much damage was done. and mariah carey is doing damage control over her performance. she had technical issues with the mic. [singing] -- >> we are missing some of this. it is what it is. [ laughter ]
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>> she did more talking than singing. now, her manager is battling it out over who was at fault. her manager says the pro ducers knew about the technical issues, they say, that is de-- pro ducers knew about the technical issues. they say that is deflamtory and absurd ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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doctor who delivered her fa 22 years ago. "grace emily moreno new year's baby was
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delivered by the same doctor who delivered her father. 22 years ago. grace was born at o'conner hospital 12 seconds after 12:00. >> she is already miss popular. >> it is beautiful. i don't have a girl, this is my first girl. i am excited. >> he is in the marines and he will have 10 days to bond with her before heading back to work. we'll be right back. we live in a pick and choose world. choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore.
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